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About Us

GoodChoice Health and Wellness Consulting Company is the product of its founder’s lifelong passion for helping others. Ari Ross began the journey towards building this company when she combined her interest in science with her commitment to compassion and entered the field of nursing. As well, she did graduate work in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention to better understand programs that address health and wellness.  As a nurse primarily in the field of oncology (cancer), she saw first hand the lifestyle choices that can influence health as well as the wellness decisions that contribute to how people feel and function. 


Despite her training, she felt she did not know enough to lead the healthiest life possible. And to her dismay, there were no reasonably priced or convenient courses that were available to the public. So, she spent years researching health and wellness on her own. Through books, online courses, and endless discussions with colleagues, Ari developed materials and methods that address ways to live a full and happy life- physically, mentally and spiritually. Her ultimate goal was not only to improve her own life, but the lives of others. 


GoodChoice does not aim to diagnose or treat any specific medical conditions or instruct anyone how they must live their lives. It is the intention of the company to bring the knowledge and skills accumulated by its founder to clients in a variety of efficient, impactful and personalized ways. The company’s main goal is to teach and encourage people to make good choices everyday that can lead to a long and fulfilling life.

 Your health. Your wellness. Your choice.
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