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GoodChoice Ambassador Program 

Chronic disease can lead to lives of suffering for individuals and their families and can have a major impact on the financial state of the entire country. The good news? Many of these conditions can be prevented, improved or even reversed with simple lifestyle adjustments. Yet, our current healthcare system isn’t set up to help people address chronic disease treatment or prevention in an individualized, measurable way. That’s where you come in. 

With your participation or sponsorship, GoodChoice Ambassadors are eligible to receive GoodChoice services for free that will educate and encourage them to lead lives free of the burden of chronic disease. GoodChoice Ambassadors are chosen based on health status, income level and enthusiasm for sharing what they learn with others. Through your participation or sponsorship, we can transform communities! Click to donate or contact us for an application to become a GoodChoice Ambassador.

Your Health. Your Wellness. Your Choice
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